In-villa painting lessons

In-villa painting lessons

These short term introductory in-villa painting courses are designed to provide the basic elements of painting to people with no experience at all. These people will work with acrylic colors and will explore the fundamental theoretical and technical approach to making abstract paintings on canvas. After an initial overview of color, light, texture and composition, followed by a brief cycle of basic color-mixing and paint handling simple methods, most of the remaining in-villa time will be spent in making a few paintings, under the painter’s supervision and guidance. The painter and all the students will also create a relatively big painting. All paintings will be given to the students, except the big one that will be sign by all participants and will remain in the villa as a reminding symbol of the student’s visit to the island and to Mykonos Art Villa.

Painting lessons-a: 2 days, 2 hours a day
Painting lessons-b: 3 days, 3 hours a day
Costs upon request.

This year’s painter. Nick Kryonidis

Nick Kryonidis, born in 1963, is an Architect, a Painter and a Painting teacher. He has lived in Athens and Thessaloniki.
The last few years, especially during the winters, he decided to move to the island of Thasos where “daily life flows calmly and creatively”.
Critical texts and interviews about his work have been published in many newspapers and also in specialized art magazines.
Two of them are the following:

“The artist, using physical maneuvers and gestures, depicts in white surface with minimum color and lines, as a descriptive knowledge of things, landscapes and bodies, but without the slightest mood of representation. The resulting images are the content of things, their internal structure, some imaginary landscapes, inverted, fragmented and elliptical up to the end. They are the idea of the world itself around us”.
Zina Athanasiadou, Gallery owner


The painting of Nikos Kryonidis and its relationship with architecture. "The paintings by Nikos Kryonidis is a continuous search of an aesthetic way, where the qualities of his personal writing utilized with those of a given architectural structure, prove, not by evidence or argument, that painting and architectural form, complement each other in a specific or abstract field."
Thalia Stefanidou, Theoretical of art